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Here at GiB we are firm believers that everything looks way cooler in black. Even stuff that Nature determined should be white, like salt. And right now in your mind you’re going “wait, you mean to tell that, somewhere out there in the world, there’s salt that isn’t white??”. Guess what: Black Salt.

Mind = blown.



“At ZUUNA®, our passion is in bringing you the world’s purest foods. We started our mission looking at the basics of gastronomy – the science of food and culture – and wanted to bring the very best sources to your kitchen.

It’s from this we invite you to try our treasured sea salts. Being the only mineral we eat, the humble sea salt does more to enhance foods flavors than any other ingredient. It is also the only universal ingredient used worldwide and the most powerful.

Pure Hawaiian Hiwa Kai Black Lava Gourmet Sea Salt from ZUUNA® is a beautiful silky, ebony color originates from Hawaiian lava and activated through natural coconut shell charcoal native to the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Contains NO anti-caking, NO free-flowing additives or conditioners – just 100% pure, natural sea salt.

 Pure Hawaiian Hiwa Kai Black Lava Gourmet Sea Salt ZUUNA® contains many trace minerals that are shown beneficial to the human body. Many have also written about Hawaiian Hiwa Kai Black Lava salt’s incredible detoxifying qualities. For those inquisitive minds – the typical trace mineral contents is as follows: Boron- 2.5 ppm Chloride- 58.24% Calcium- 0.16% Fluoride- 3 ppm Iodine- 0.11 ppm Iron- 2.06 ppm Magnesium- 0.34% Manganese- 1.4 ppm Potassium- 0.20% Sodium- 35.94%

Besides the absolute pureness of our sea salts, at ZUUNA®, our focus is always on flavor. We believe once your mouth savors this – you’ll see why culinary experts to foodies praise its tastes and presentation – and you’ll never go back to plain, off-the-shelf salt.

Add Pure Hawaiian Hiwa Kai Black Lava Gourmet Sea Salt ZUUNA® into your culinary presentation and experience all the sensory delights of this amazing flavor enhancer.”

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