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You want a place to deposit all your personal objects, like keys, cards, pens, books, phones… you get the idea. But you want it black of course. Well, for this we suggest  Tray, a minimalist design solid board, created by Munich-based designer Steffen Kehrle for Stattmann Neue Moebel. There are two variations of Tray: Two Halves features one level and one indented section, and Three Thirds where the level section is flanked by two indentations. The board is made from a solid block of ash or oak. The indentation is carved out in a way to emphasize the beautiful grain of the wood at the edges. The small natural rubber feet will not harm any surfaces. Tray is a straightforward object that pleases through simple lines, clear proportions and beautiful material.

Get it now – 118€

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Get it now – 118€
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