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Records with Black Covers #2: [Justice – Cross]

For the second item on your full-black record shelf, stack, or plain-old pile-of-records-next-to-the-turntable, we bring you Justice’s debut album – † (yes, that’s an ASCII cross symbol) “†, alternatively known as Cross, is the debut album of the French house duo Justice, released on June 18, 2007. It was certified gold in the UK on December […]


AKG Y45BT Bluetooth Headphones

The new Y45BT model from AKG are extremelly lightweight and compact, with no cords, and they can even fold up for storage when you’re not using them. The Bluetooth can deliver 8 hours of music on a charge, and allow you to control volume and other things right on the ear-cup. With the performance you’d expect from a pair […]