Leica M Monochrom


If black and white photography is your thing… (and if you are reading this i bet it is), then nothing beats this camera. Thanks to the combination of low noise up to ISO 25.000 (wow!), a bright viewfinder, a low-vibration shutter release, and fast lenses, the new Leica M Monochrom opens up entirely new dimensions for available-light photography.

The high-resolution 3″ monitor with 921,600 pixels ensures that photographers have complete control of composition, exposure, focusing, and depth of field. It can also capture high-quality full-HD video in black and white.

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leica-mono-three leica-mono-twoleica-mono-one1000-Leica-M-Monochrom_Typ246_02_1430387277

1000-Leica-M-Monochrom_Typ246_Apo-Summicron-M_50_ASPH_right_1430387329  1000-Leica-M-Monochrom_Typ246_CU_2_2_1430387377

Key features:

  • 24 megapixel Full Frame monochrome CMOS sensor
  • Leica M bayonet with sensor for six-bit coding
  • Adobe DNG raw recording
  • 3inch screen, 921k dots
  • Full HD Video, 25/24fps
  • 60s-1/4000s, 1/180s flash sync speed
  • ISO320 – ISO25000 (extended)
  • 3-4fps continuous shooting
  • Dual-axis electronic level
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Splash proof camera body
  • 800 shot battery life (when not using live view)
  • 2-year warranty


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