Kuu Lamp


There’s a new online store that aims to provide high-end modern design at affordable prices, with original design,  craftsmanship, and working directly with factories around the world. Hem just opened for preorders, and we love this Kuu Lamp ($149-$225).

A shade made from leftover sunscreen fabric allows the Kuu to filter light beautifully whilst being strong enough to assume a form that is both structured and purposely imperfect. Shipping flat, it eschews extraneous packaging and is assembled through a simple drawstring mechanism. Meaning “moon” in Finnish, the Kuu is complemented by a matching cable and can be used on its own or suspended with other Kuu in a celestial cluster.

The Kuu Lamp, designed by Kerstin Sylwan & Jenny Stefansdotter, features a shade made of recycled sunscreen material.


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