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You want a place to deposit all your personal objects, like keys, cards, pens, books, phones… you get the idea. But you want it black of course. Well, for this we suggest  Tray, a minimalist design solid board, created by Munich-based designer Steffen Kehrle for Stattmann Neue Moebel. There are two variations of Tray: Two Halves features one level and one […]


VIPP Leather Daybed

This black daybed from VIPP is a 2 meters horizontal pause dream. It’s made with 100% aniline leather mattress on a solid aluminium frame. Aniline leather is made of untreated skin from the finest raw hides transferring a softness and natural leather texture and surface to the daybed. Only 5% of all raw hides are […]


Activated Charcoal Kuro Cube

This little black cube, made with the highest grade of charcoal available, is incredible efficient in purifying and refreshing the air. You can use it in small spaces to reduce odor, like drawers, your refrigerator or your car. It also keeps your food fresh, so place it on your fruit bowl. Organically produced and handmade in Japan, […]


Fly Light Wall

Fly Light Wall is a wall lamp by French-born product designer and visual artist Geoffroy Gillant, whose design uses the electric cord as a structural element that suspend the lamp and allows for a modular composition of light. We love the infinite number of positions that change the illumination of a space so elegantly and cleverly, and […]

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Serif TV by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Samsung

Ok, we know almost every TV out there is black, but we couldn’t just let pass this new television by Samsung called Serif, with a distinctive I-shaped profile. Designed by paris based Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, it’s actually a nice piece of furniture, moving away from a preoccupation with ultra-flat screens, it is a solid presence that sits naturally in […]

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Cowrie Rocker

Who wouldn’t want to rock this cowrie? This all-in-one structure lounge chair, inspired by the concave lines of sea shells, just begs for one to lay there for a couple of hours. The curvilinear forms are the result of an extensive research and innovation process that bridges the handmade with the digital. Sweeping lines are […]


Douze Gazebo – Bread Basket

You may like your bread in different shades of white, but what better way to store it that this sophisticated black basket designed by Marijana Dzambo. It’s made only of two materials, wood and paper, and it’s 100% organic and recyclable. Unfortunately, we think this geometric beauty is not in production yet, but we will keep […]