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Porsche Singer 911 Indonesia

In our quest to find the world’s most beautiful black cars, we might as well start off with one that’s very likely to take the gold: the charcoal black Porsche Singer 911 Indonesia.   Singer Vehicle Design was founded in 2009 to explore the creative possibilities within the vibrant world of the classic automobile. We […]


Black Skull Candle

Trying to get your house in the summer mood with a little decorating?  This 100% parafin wax Black Skull candle is a great way  to liven up a room!  Also very useful for satanic rituals and general witchcraft.   You can get them from and start your International house of Mojo right away (not right away […]


MERVE by Pensa + Horse Cycles

Merge is a pretty awesome concept for a bike, with loads of functionality built in, but unfortunately only a concept for now. It is inspired by the variety of cycling needs in New York City, and New York is a tough proving ground for an urban bike. There is some good cycling infrastructure, but also […]


Black on Black Playing Cards

Balance WU design have created a dark and stylish black on black deck of cards with original face card designs, featuring futuristic version of the classic King, Queen, Jack and Joker. It is sure to make your next poker night, pitch black. The special patterns constituted by simple lines on the black card surface allows you […]


Black quartz jar

Decorating your house? Looking for something to place your beautiful black flowers in? We found just the thing – The Vista Alegre Quartz jar, in black. You can get the Quartz jar from the Vista Alegre website right here: