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Blackthusiasts #1: Catarina Salinas (singer)


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our first guest for the Blackthusiasts segment: Catarina Salinas, lead singer and one half of the Indie-electronic/dream-pop duo Best Youth ! If you are unfamiliar, go listen to their debut album Highway Moon right now!
In this recurring segment we will be asking like-minded enthusiasts of the color black…or as we like to call ourselves #BLACKTHUSIASTS (did we just coin this term, internet?) about 3 of their most prized possessions and the history behind how they got them and/or why they are important to them. We will then recommend 3 items which are similar or related to the objects in question, ok? Ok. So, without further adue, here are Catarina’s answers:



Ray Ban has always been my favorite brand of eye wear. Not because of the styling itself (although it obviously counts) but because of the cool american 70s and 80s mood that they remind me of.  I’m someone who really enjoys the nostalgia of other eras so to me they’re kind of a connection to that period. The purchase itself wasn’t very exciting, I got them in the mall. They’re one of those rounder models which, I believe, are kind of hard to get hold of (at least here in Portugal), which makes them all the more special!


Catarina didn’t specifically mention the model, but we’re willing to guess she means the RB2180. Well, what are you waiting for?

Get it now – 109$



It’s one of my favorite Brands and that’s reason enough to have an acessory from this fantastic English designer. I bought it around 4 years ago, after going to one of their fashion shows. Back then the shows were at their flagship store at Wigmore St. (London), so that made it extra-hard to escape the temptation. It was a fashion fortune…

Margaret Howell bag 2

Unfortunately, you can’t “get it now” from the Margaret Howell store because this model was from the 2010/2011 collection, they do have it in hazel but…meeeeh…. it’s not black so WHO CARES?  Here are two similar alternatives:

image2xxl (1)

Get it now – 21€




Get it now – 2100€



I didn’t actually buy this one, it was a gift from my parents when I was 6 or 7 years old. At the first school I attended we could opt-in for Piano lessons, I was apparently a very persistent and persuasive 3 year old because I somehow talked my parents into it.
My teacher used to say I had fantastic hearing so my parents thought they should take things more seriously and push me toward a more academic reality and ended up buying it. When I realized I would have to learn to sight read and what-not the excitement began to fade, but I could never get myself to part from it so it’s been with me ever since. I’m still drawn to play it every now an then, as long as no music sheets are involved! Maybe one day I’ll get back on the horse….


As much as we’d love to direct you to a beautiful black Steinway & Sons Grand Piano to place in your living room and entertain your guests to a little Debussy every now and then, we’ll go with a more realistic option and recommend you get the Kawai VPC 1 Virtual Piano controller . It’s a MIDI controller, which means it doesn’t actually produce sound (you have to connect it to a piano module, or a computer with virtual piano software such as the Native Instruments Piano Collection), but it has real wooden keys and all the expressiveness of a real piano. Kawai say it best:

The keyboard action is the most important part of a controller.

It doesn’t matter how many gigabytes have been sampled, or how advanced the modelled resonances are – if the controller’s action is sub-par, the virtual piano just won’t feel satisfying to play.

Fortunately, the VPC1 is equipped with Kawai’s latest RM3 Grand II action, featuring our trademark wooden keys and smooth, consistent movement. Unlike other controllers, the VPC1 incorporates additional grand piano keyboard characteristics, such as graded hammer weighting, ivory-like key surfaces, let-off simulation, and bass note counterweights.

These premium features combine to recreate the exceptional touch of a fine concert grand, allowing your favourite virtual pianos to finally feel as good as they sound.

Get it now -1849$


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