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Atelier Hard Graft iPhone 6 Wallet


So, you have a brand new iPhone 6, and want a nice black wallet to go around it? Look no further than Atelier Hard Graft iPhone 6 Wallet. If Hard Graft products were already amazing, Atelier Hard Graft are remastered version of them, with special finishes like Italian black leather and hand painted edges. You need to register to see the full catalog, but it’s really worth it (have we mentioned all products are black?)

This wallet protects your iPhone, while at the same time gives you plenty of space for your credit cards, money, and so on… It’s for those who want to have it all in one place, convenient, smart and organized.

MightyiPhone-03_fe1c99d2-24f2-48ee-ab4e-52ca6bf9b4d4 MightyiPhone-04_0b7910ea-2778-4daf-b068-6abc0cef5a09 MightyiPhone-02_09650bdd-6b8e-4c82-ba40-95f402a1cded MightyiPhone-01_be700713-414e-4024-a221-7167e396fdc6 MightyiPhone-06_2c996b66-a3c8-4327-b8d0-44dd16c9f3ab

Atelier Hard Graft is the deep love story of traditional Italian artisanal mastery combined with contemporary aesthetics. It’s about mastering the leather. Holding on to the traditional way of making. No rush. Hours and hours go by creating the pieces one by one.



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