Month: September 2015


Blackthusiasts #1: Catarina Salinas (singer)

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our first guest for the Blackthusiasts segment: Catarina Salinas, lead singer and one half of the Indie-electronic/dream-pop duo Best Youth ! If you are unfamiliar, go listen to their debut album Highway Moon right now! In this recurring segment we will be asking like-minded enthusiasts of the color black…or as we like to […]



Because you are probably one of those people who loves to travel and to be the most stylish at the airport this Globe-Trotter designed exclusively for Mr Porter is the right one for you! Made from all-black vulcanised fibreboard and leather you can walk around the airport in style, even if you don’t have a […]


VIPP Leather Daybed

This black daybed from VIPP is a 2 meters horizontal pause dream. It’s made with 100% aniline leather mattress on a solid aluminium frame. Aniline leather is made of untreated skin from the finest raw hides transferring a softness and natural leather texture and surface to the daybed. Only 5% of all raw hides are […]

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 13.31.50

B(&W) Film: MADMAX in Monochrome

George Miller, director of MADMAX, is on our side on this, when he said that the best version of his film is in black and white. Black & Chrome is an attempt to realize Miller’s alternate vision, with the cinematography, the editing, the sound design, and the score, now represented in a completely new experience. […]


Activated Charcoal Kuro Cube

This little black cube, made with the highest grade of charcoal available, is incredible efficient in purifying and refreshing the air. You can use it in small spaces to reduce odor, like drawers, your refrigerator or your car. It also keeps your food fresh, so place it on your fruit bowl. Organically produced and handmade in Japan, […]


Top 5 FW Ladies’ Hats

It is the Fashion Week time of the year, and all the photographers are crazy about shooting the ‘It Girls’ on their best street style performance… Well, if you want to ask for their attention not dressing like Lady Gaga (the ‘usual’ Lady Gaga, not the one from the Emmy’s), add a classy black (of course) hat to your […]


Fly Light Wall

Fly Light Wall is a wall lamp by French-born product designer and visual artist Geoffroy Gillant, whose design uses the electric cord as a structural element that suspend the lamp and allows for a modular composition of light. We love the infinite number of positions that change the illumination of a space so elegantly and cleverly, and […]